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30 Days of DC: Day Seventeen

Favorite Legacy Hero: John Fox

There are plenty of legacy heroes to choose from. Why would I pick John Fox, the Flash of the 27th and 853rd centuries? It’s the costume, probably. I’ve never been nuts about the costumes the Flashes and their affiliates wear. But John completely owns the thunderbolt and floating triangle look.

There are other reasons too. The Flash has always been one of the heroes who positively resonates with the people. Unfortunately for John, his native 27th century was only too keen to sideline him and replace him with machines. And then they said he couldn’t travel through time to help out where he was needed. How whack is that? Luckily he built totally cool looking time travel gauntlets (I kinda wish I could’ve found a picture of him wearing them) and jumped to the 853rd century and became one of the greatest champions mankind has ever known.

Runners up: Kyle Rayner, Wally West, Ryan Choi, Damian Wayne